How do I add probiotics-rich foods to my diet?

Probiotics in dairy products is a GREAT way to add good bacteria in the human gut!

At the media interviews I did lately, I shared many ways in boosting our immunity with the audiences. Kefir and yogurt contain live bacterial cultures, and are very positive ways to add probiotics to the human gut. This is very important in strengthening our immune system. For people with lactose intolerance, I often recommend lactose-free milk, kefir, or yogurt as they are usually tolerated well by those suffering from this condition. This is the eighth week I am working from home. Milk and dairy products are my fridge staples. I often start my morning with a cup of matcha latte with moringa powder that are packed with antioxidants. After practicing yoga, I like to drink a glass of kefir for hydration. To increase my energy and prevent an afternoon slump, I love to have a bowl of colorful mixed berries yogurt and a dash of maple syrup! As a resident in Richmond for two decades, I wholeheartedly support the local farmers including BC dairy farmers, who work very hard to ensure a continuous, local and close to home supply of milk. During this unprecedented time, we can continue to enjoy all kinds of dairy products.


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