Our Team

Who We Are

We are a group of enthusiastic registered dietitians who truly believe in healthy eating and regular physical activity to achieve optimal health and vitality. Libra Nutrition is a Canadian based company that provides professional nutrition consultations within British Columbia. We think that healthy eating should be simple and affordable for everyone who would like to eat well to reduce the risk of diseases, and enhance overall health and wellness. The key to ultimate health is to achieve the balance between dieting and exercising

What We Do

Libra Nutrition offers a variety of services to meet client needs, including but not limited to Individual Counseling, Corporate and Community Workshop or Seminars, Nutrition Tours.

Our Approach

Our Mission:

  • Eat Right, Stay Active, And Maintain A Positive Attitude Towards Health and Wellness
  • Help improve your eating habits and your health
  • Empower your nutrition knowledge
  • Tailor and meet your individual nutrition needs and goals with our ongoing support and guidance
  • Create personalized nutrition plan

“we aim to serve the needs of various ethnic groups in terms of their food preferences and cultures”

The Community We Serve

We are committed to serve the community of the lower mainland in British Columbia, including Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Delta and Surrey

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Our team is ran purely by volunteers from many different field of studies, by student and graduates, all passionate about food, nutrition, and health.

Active Team Members

description hereJessica W
Health & Wellness, Volunteer Coordinator; Photographer
description hereEmily Y
Health & Wellness Assistant
description hereTammy C
Health & Wellness Assistant; Food Demo Leader
description hereJamie L
Health & Wellness Assistant
description hereMei H
Health & Wellness Assistant
description hereAlex Y
Special events assistant
description hereDaisy S
description hereEmma L
Kids’ Tour Leader
description here
Olivia P
Kids’ Tour Leader
description hereTracy T
Kids’ Tour Coordinator; Health & Wellness Assistant
description hereElena Z
Kids’ Tour Leader
description hereAriane L
Adult’s Tour Leader

Past Team Members

description hereJames S
Fitness Instructor
description hereGrace Y
Research Development
description hereChristina G
Resource Development Coordinator
description hereFaye L
Resource Development and Marketing
description hereSylvia W
Social Media
description hereChristine H
Recipe Development and Analysis
description hereCandice Z
Recipe Development and Analysis
description hereCurtis N
Resource Development
description hereDoris L
Recipe Development and Analysis
description hereMelissa Y
description hereMay W
Project Leader
description hereGloria H
Project Leader
description hereSharon Voong
Cooking Facilitator
description hereViolet L
Team Member
description hereMei H
Health & Wellness Assistant
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