Libra Nutrition have been recognized by many different professionals and clients!  Here are some testimonials:

“[Amy] spearheaded [in] making numerous contacts to Chinese media outlets and got the Nutrition Month messages out successfully. Many stories appeared in various Chinese circulars (TV, radio, newspapers and magazines) because of [her] keen efforts.
[Her] efforts reach far beyond Nutrition Month though. In addition, [her] team has conducted Lunch-and-Learn workshops in larger corporations and health fairs in the community promoting Nutrition Month.  This year, [she has] been invited to do a Lunch-and-Learn on quick meal solutions/lunch bag ideas for working professionals at the RCMP headquarters in [her] area.  In addition, [she will be] doing a cooking workshop at Kwantlen Polytechnic University on March 5th, teaching students how to cook for one person and how to prepare cheap and nutritious meals for school.  Both of these events aim to promote our national campaign. “

– Francy Pillo-Blocka, Nutrition Month Manage, Dietitians of Canada

Our experience during the consultation process was very motivational in that you were obviously very committed, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and detailed.
The supermarket ‘tour’ and walkabout was the highlight in that you opened our eyes on awareness of food products and the many alternatives that one could choose and this has heightened our ‘supermarket’ experience since that time.
Now we watch what we eat and buy for our table at home. Even when eating out, we focus more on vegetables and less meat plus also we are conscious of the different meals during the day and the composition of the meals as well.
We would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who is seriously looking at food as a source of nutrition and good health.”

– Miller, Former Client

“The students, who are mostly seniors, really appreciated the fact that Amy, the nutritionist, pointed out useful information tailored to their needs… As a teacher, I value the importance of real-life learning experience such as this one. Under the nutritionist guidance, students were able to explore and learn useful information otherwise foreign to them – nutritional facts, barcodes, differences in similar products… These are all very beneficial information that is not usually taught in a school setting or to the general public, yet people do grocery shopping on a daily basis. Hence, I would definitely recommend anyone and everyone to jump on the opportunity.”
– Winny Ting, ESL Teacher

“Amy has been a supportive and understanding individual in my recent life. She has helped me to balance my lifestyle and encouraged me to reach my goals in nutrition, as well as, in other areas that are important to me. She was able to enhance my knowledge of the nutrient value of foods and how that plays a role in my diet, exercise and energy throughout the day. This new look at foods has helped me to develop my own daily regime that I can stick to and be confident in. Thank you Amy for your continued belief in me.”
— Client from Yyoga
“I first met Miss Amy Yiu for nutritional counselling during the 3rd month of my pregnacy due to concerns about my blood sugar level and what a proper diet during pregnacy should be.  Amy did detailed thorough analysis of my nutritional intake, providing recommendations on better food choices and their nutrional values.  Any questions I had were answered promptly.   My diet improved and my blood sugar level was well maintained.  Amy has also helped my family members with their diet questions.  I highly recommended Miss Amy to any of my friends.  And I will continue counselling sessions with Amy for my baby and myself.”
— Client G. Wong
“I organize Lunch and Learns for the “E” Division Headquarters RCMP employees in Surrey, B.C. I invited Amy Yiu to speak at the March 2015 Lunch and Learn because March is Nutrition month. I found Amy to be not just knowledgeable, but a very engaging speaker. I received positive feedback from many people who attended. She was easy to understand and spoke in a language we can all relate to. She involved the audience with questions and prizes for correct answers.
I would recommend Amy Yiu of Libra Nutrition to any company who wants to help their employees live a healthy life”
— Sherrie Cohen (RCMP “E” Division Headquarters Fitness Coordinator)
“This is a letter of appreciation for Ms Amy Yiu. Ms Yiu was punctual and ready to begin her nutrition workshop. She moved around the room getting to know our group. Very personable!
Ms Yiu presented to our group of 20 ladies at the Knights of Columbus 4th convention. Her workshop is very attractive and inclusive.
I would recommend Ms Yiu for any group wanting up-to-date nutritional workshops. Her presentation is very well done”
— Joanne O’Hara (Hostess of the ladies program at Knights of Columbus conference)
“Through the Eat Well Live Well Cantonese series, Amy has graciously and generously shared her time and expertise with community members in Richmond by providing interactive learning opportunities for the public to acquire practical knowledge of healthy eating. Not only is Amy knowledgeable and professional in her presentations; she is also creative and passionate in educating the public. Amy is dedicated and committed to excellence; she gives 150% of herself to every project which makes her a wonderful community partner. We are very fortunate to have Amy at the helm of Libra Nutrition leading her wonderful team to serve the Richmond community.”
— Stella Au (Former community partner)

“Our program organize a self-care workshop for our volunteers. I invited Ms. Amy Yiu to share with our volunteers about self-care in a nutrition prospective. Her workshop is very attractive and inclusive. It yield positive reviews from volunteers who attended. An optional supermarket tour was also arranged on the same day. Thank you Amy for your passion to serve the community. I would recommend Ms. Yiu for any group wanting nutritional workshops.”
– Connie Lam, S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Program Coordinator,

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