Escape Diabetes Workshop

Diabetes is a major chronic disease that affects one in ten Canadians. As rates of obesity continue to increase, the prevalence of diabetes is expected to double in 2025[1]. Healthy eating patterns, regular physical activity, and maintaining a healthy weight are key elements in diabetes management. In addition to adopting a balanced diet by following Canada’s Food Guide, there are many dietary recommendations to assist patients with diabetes management. Some of these recommendations include limiting sugars and high-fat foods and choosing foods with a low glycemic index (GI).

Understanding what the GI is and what foods are considered low or high GI is an important part of diabetes education. Similarly, learning how to adapt certain exercises that are suitable for older adults can help encourage higher levels of physical activity. To turn this into a reality, Libra Nutrition partnered with Diabetes Canada and a fitness instructor to lead the ‘Escape Diabetes’ workshop for over forty older adults in the Chinese community.

The first hour of the interactive workshop was led by Amy Yiu, a registered dietitian with Libra Nutrition*. Participants learned how carbohydrate-rich foods increase blood sugar and were introduced to low GI foods such as whole grains and foods rich in fibre. Amy also shared tips around meal planning and helped participants better understand diet restrictions. This was followed by a nutritious lunch sponsored by PriceSmart Foods Richmond to re-energize the participants for the second part of the workshop. Rose Van, a fitness instructor brought participants off their seats in the afternoon by engaging them in a variety of light-intensity exercises accompanied by lively music.

Everyone received free nutritious snacks sponsored by Nature’s Path for their active engagement in the 2.5-hour long workshop. Many lucky winners also went home with free Alligga Health flaxseed products as part of the raffle draw. The success of this workshop would not have been possible without the sponsors and support of Diabetes Canada, UBC Centre for Community Learning Engagement and the group of enthusiastic volunteers. The workshop received many positive responses, and a future workshop is highly anticipated!


*Libra Nutrition is a Canadian based company nutrition consulting company that truly believes in healthy eating and regular physical activity to achieve optimal health and vitality. The company offers a variety of services to meet client needs, including but not limited to individual counseling, corporate and community workshop and nutrition tours for adults and children. Libra Nutrition partners with other health professionals and organizations, including Diabetes Canada, Dietitians of Canada, SUCCESS, Richmond Public Library. Each workshop covers a specific health topic from diabetes, to cancer, menopause and children’s eating behaviours, and features special guest presenters with varied food and health professionals. For more information about Libra Nutrition and the services they offer, please visit

[1] Diabetes Canada. Diabetes Statistics in Canada.





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