Maple Cinnamon Popcorn

Recipe provided by Chef Alana Peckham of Alligga Flaxseed Oil Company.

 3 tbsp Alligga Flaxseed Cooking oil
 ½ cup popcorn kernels
 ¼ cup unsalted butter
 ¼ cup maple syrup
 ½ tsp powdered cinnamon
 Salt to taste

1) In a small sauce pot melt the butter over high heat until the butter is foamy and slightly
browned on the bottom
2) Remove the pot from the heat and slowly stir in the maple syrup then add a pinch of salt
and the cinnamon and mix well
3) In a larger pot with a lid, add the flaxseed oil and the popcorn kernels and heat over
medium high heat until the first few kernels start to pop
4) Reduce the heat to medium and continue to pop the kernels in the pot with the lid on
until the popping starts to slow down and most of the kernels have popped
5) Turn off the heat, remove the lid and drizzle the butter maple syrup mixture over the
popped pop corm
6) Stir the popcorn well and adjust seasoning with salt if needed
7) Enjoy immediately
Yields 6 cups

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