Nutrition Month 2015

Check out the different events we had done throughout Nutrition Month of 2015, “Working 9 to 5”!

Activities of Nutrition Month 2015

Date Event Time Location Details
Designated show times Fairchild TV 3:45PM Aberdeen Amy will talk about Nutrition Month for “Leisure Talk.”  We will want props.
March 5 KPU Workshop 2PM-4PM KPU Surrey Providing students of KPU an opportunity to learn easy, fast, and cheap recipes they can do in this demonstrated workshop.
March 12 Health Fair 10AM-2PM Langara College Health Fair hosted by Langara to advocate health and wellness.
March 15 Sunday Radio Show (chinese only) 3PM-4PM FM96.1 Dietitians Jo Jo Wang and Amy Yiu will converse about nutritional eating regarding Nutrition Month
March 18 National Dietitians Days All Day All of Canada Celebrating Dietitians of Canada!
March 22 Open House  1:30PM-3:30PM Contennial Community Centre Open House for the community centre who are trying to promote physical health and fitness in the socio-cultural based program.
March 28 Radio Show (Chinese only) 12PM-1PM AM1320 Preparing healthy lunch for work and school
March 31 Healthy Eating for Seniors 4PM-5PM Richmond Caring Places (RMCS) Workshop for seniors (around 120 people) which includes workshop demos, free samples, and prizes!
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