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Sponsored by Overwaitea Food Group, Libra Nutrition provides group nutrition tours free of charge for students, kids and adults in continuing education.

A brighter life by eating better

We recognize that our stores offer hundreds of choices and labels and it can be hard to know what to buy to keep you and your family healthy.  Fresh or frozen?  Low fat or cholesterol-free?  And what about hydrogenated fats, sugar, calcium, antioxidants and fibre?  Just one of the hundreds of food and health solutions we offer, our Nutrition Tours can help you sort it all out.

Professional tour guides

Our award-winning Nutrition Tours are led by our team of Registered Dietitians.  Our nutrition experts will lead your group and show you what to look for on food labels.  We’ll show you how to choose foods to meet special dietary requirements and provide answers to your questions about cholesterol, saturated fats, antioxidants and fibre.  You’ll learn how healthy eating can reduce your risk of disease and help you look and feel better.

Parent and Kid’s Nutrition Tours

The Parent and Kid’s Nutrition Tours Kit consists of teaching guides, classroom activities and grade specific materials.  The main portion of the program consists of an interactive supermarket tour, facilitated by a Registered Dietitian.  This program is designed to meet the learning outcomes of Kindergarten through Grade 3, established by the Healthy Living and Career Exploration segment of British Columbia Ministry and Education’s Personal Planning curriculum of Alberta Learning.  Tours are also available for grades 4 to 6.

Brought to you by Overwaitea Food Group, Kids’ Tours are free for the asking.

Teen Tours

The Teen Tour is led by a Registered Dietitian, who guides the group on an excursion through our store focusing on healthy eating and interactive activities.

The Teen Tour is designed to meet the grades 10 to 12 curriculum requirements for Career and Life Management (C.A.L.M.) in Alberta and Planning 10 in British Columbia.  The tour can also be customized to meet special curriculum learning outcomes in Science, Biology, Physical Education and Food classes, to a variety of knowledge levels and for grades 7 to 9.  Tours that focus on sport nutrition are also available for sports teams.

Brought to you by Overwaitea Food Group, Teen Tours are free for the asking.

Adult Tours

The Adult Tour is a 60 to 90 minute long, aisle to aisle excursion through our store.  An informational handbook with tips on healthy eating shopping and great-tasting, healthy recipes will be provided.  Tours are now FREE of charge!

Signing up

Please sign up for Kid’s Tours at Hungry Hippo Kid’s Tour and here for Adult’s Nutrition Tour

Please be advised that while the tours do provide nutritional information, they do not replace individual counseling.  If you have special dietary needs, be sure to make an appointment with a Dietitian.  

Customized adult tours available

If you are part of a group of seven or more with a shared nutrition concern, our dietitian can take you on a specialized tour for any of the following concerns:

1. Diabetes – learn to enjoy healthy eating while optimizing your blood sugar control

2. Heart Health – learn to manage your cholesterol and blood pressure while still enjoying good food

3. Women’s Health – includes osteoporosis and cancer prevention together with tips for healthy reproductive health and menopause

4. Weight Management – tips for successful weight loss and maintenance

5. Vegetarianism – learn how to keep your vegetarian diet nutritionally balanced

6. Sport Nutrition – everything you need to know for fueling your active lifestyle

7. Nutrition on a Budget – healthy eating while saving money

8. Feeding a Young Family – ideas for keeping your family well fed and managing challenges of feeding kids

The award-winning Nutrition Tour Program is recommended by The Canadian Diabetes Association, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, the BC Ministry of Education, the BC Ministry of Health, and Dial-a-Dietitian.

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