Rainbow Stir-Fry

Created by Cook with 3C (Chef Jason He, TCM Doctor Jennifer Gao, and Amy Yiu, RD)

Rainbow Stir-Fry
Serve 4 people
Kabocha squash 2 lb
Crimini mushroom, diced 200 g
Celery, diced 100 g (1 stalk)
Carrots, diced 30 g
Dried Lentils, cooked 25 g
Chestnut, diced 5 pcs
Hemp heart 3 tbsp
Asparagus, diced 3 spears
Vegetable oil 2 tbsp
Fresh Ginger 1-inch piece
Garlic 2 large cloves
Salt ½ tsp
Dried Parsley

Stir Fry sauce:
Low-sodium soy sauce 1 tsp
Oyster sauce 1 tsp
Sesame oil 1 tsp

1. Soak lentils for 10 mins and cook for 10 mins. Put aside.
2. Cut the top of Kabocha Squash. Steam the whole squash in a wok on medium-high heat for approx. 20 mins until soft.
3. While you are steaming the squash, dice carrot, celery, asparagus, crimini mushrooms, garlic, ginger.
4. Blanch carrot, celery, asparagus and mushrooms in boiling water for 2-3 mins.
5. Heat a large, wide skillet over medium-high heat. Add the oil and swirl it in the pan until the bottom is well coated. Throw in the blanched vegetables. Stir frequently for about 2 mins. Add the oyster sauce, soy sauce and sesame oil.
6. Put the cooked vegetables in the steamed kabocha squash. Serve hot.

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